Dentist Jokes

Never let it be said dentists don’t have a sense of humor. Enjoy some dentist jokes below!

Why did the princess go to the dentist?

To have her teeth crowned.

What is a dentist’s favorite game?

Tooth or dare.

When a dentist makes a phone call, what does she use?

A blue tooth!

What did the orthodontist say during an earthquake?

Brace yourself!

What is a dentist’s least favorite award?

A plaque.

Why did the dentist giggle after eating a big plate of beans?

She had laughing gas.


Dentist jokes aside, stress at the dentist is no laughing matter. My goal is to help you get the dental work done that you need to create a beautiful, healthy smile with as little stress as possible. This is why my office practices relaxation dentistry.

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Dr. Kardaris

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