Comfortable, Natural-Looking Dentures

Dr. Kardaris knows how important the comfort of your dentures is. Ill-fitting dentures or dentures that slip can make life miserable. For this reason she takes great care to make highly customized dentures that fit well and do not move around.

Dr. Kardaris has a great deal of experience in making dentures. She uses state-of-the- art materials that are flexible and light-weight for comfort, yet durable and resistant to stains.

Aesthetic Dentures

That your dentures are natural-looking is also important. Dr. Kardaris has an eye for aesthetics and ensures that your dentures look natural and are beautiful. Our dentures are designed to look like real teeth. Using the best labs and materials the dentures have the beautiful translucent quality of natural teeth.

Consultation and Denture creation procedure

If you need dentures or are dissatisfied with your existing dentures you can meet with Dr. Kardaris for a consultation. She will discuss your options with you and answer any questions that you may have.

During the consultation Dr. Kardaris will examine your mouth, gums and jaw.She is always happy to discuss all your concerns and will help you to determine what is best for you.

Once the design is made there are several stages to making dentures. Molds are made initially and then at each stage of the process the exact fit and design is created.

Final approval

At the final stage you will test a trial denture. You can see exactly how your new smile will look. You can then decide if you like the fit, color and arrangement of the teeth. Once you are satisfied and have approved the dentures, your permanent dentures will be made for you.

Making sure the Dentures are comfortable

The final stage of the procedure is to ensure that the fit is completely comfortable. You will need to come back to see the dentist after you have worn the dentures for a short time. At that time any needed adjustments will be made. Dr. Kardaris allows six months for ensuring the fit is optimum. You may need to return during this period and have adjustments to perfect the comfort of your dentures.

Implant-Supported Dentures for stability

Dr. Kardaris recommends using dental implants to stabilize your dentures. She can stabilize them with as few as two implants per arch. The more implants used, the greater the stability and the more lifelike they appear.

With several implants per arch we can do away with the false upper palate that covers the roof of your mouth, and can make the denture teeth appear to emerge from the gum.

Why use Denture Stabilization?

The problem with dentures is that no matter how good the original fit, the denture itself wears away at the bone causing continuous bone loss and requiring the denture to be constantly adjusted. Eventually, there is no bony ridge available for any denture to fit onto.

Implants can make them extremely secure and allow you to eat just about anything you desire.

How Denture Stabilization works

Dr. Kardaris fits your existing or new dentures with snaps that will fit snugly onto dental implants. After your implant surgery, you’ll be able to immediately snap them in and enjoy an improved eating experience!

Dentures stabilized with implants need to be cleaned daily and should be removed at night.

Types of dentures we offer

Full Dentures

Dr. Kardaris provides beautiful, functional dentures that fit your face and personality. They are non-metal.