Dr. Kardaris feels that it is important to use advanced technology and procedures to ensure that you get the best possible treatment. The high-tech tools described below help to make your visit to the dentist, more comfortable, efficient and effective.

3D Cone Beam Scanner

Our office uses a 3D cone beam CT scanner that has a built in panoramic feature to view the most important areas of your mouth. This machine combines safety and precision when planning implant placement surgery, bone grafting procedures and tooth extractions.

DEKA® laser

Dental lasers are precise and safe. Dr. Kardaris uses the dental laser for a variety of procedures, including gum disease treatment, minor surgeries and even for cold sores and ulcers. It can even be used for desensitization and can reduce the need for injections and metal instruments and drills. The laser makes treatments faster and speeds up healing in many cases. The DEKA laser uses very advanced laser technology for greater precision and efficiency as well as to minimalize damage to the tissue.

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