Comfortable And Gentle Tooth Extractions

Dr. Kadaris believes in preserving your natural teeth whenever possible. However, it is sometimes necessary to extract a tooth due to decay, infection, trauma, or to make more room. Her extraction procedure is very gentle and comfortable.

Dr. Kardaris is very careful to ensure that you are properly anesthetized. Using a topical anesthetic, she pre-numbs the site, and then gives an injection. She allows plenty of time for the anesthesia to become effective before starting the procedure.

To ensure that you are never in pain, Dr. Kardaris has instituted a method where you signal and she will stop immediately stop treatment and administer additional anesthesia.

Wisdom tooth extractions

Wisdom teeth are the upper and lower molars that come in last, usually when patients are in their late teens or early twenties. If they come in correctly with enough room, there may be no problem.

However, they sometimes emerge at an angle, crowding other teeth, which can cause problems. Or a wisdom tooth may only come in partially, creating an unhealthy condition where the gum is more apt to trap food and bacteria and opening the door to gum disease. Wisdom teeth can also be impacted, meaning they don’t break through the gums at all.

When wisdom teeth are causing problems, they may need to be extracted. Dr. Kardaris does gentle extractions for many problem wisdom teeth. However, if they are impacted, she will refer the patient out to an oral surgeon.

Socket and ridge preservation

The gap left when a tooth is extracted can create problems with the jawbone. The socket is the area in the bone where the tooth was before being removed. The ridge is the area of gum behind the upper front teeth.Both the surrounding bone and the gum begin to shrink without the stimulation of a tooth in the socket.

Dr. Kardaris provides socket preservation, a technique where she uses bone grafting material to fill the socket, covered by a membrane and thus preventing a lot of the shrinkage. This also has the advantage of preparing the socket for the placement of an implant, should you decide on this tooth replacement option in the future.

Ridge preservation maintains the line of the ridge, ensuring a better fit for dentures.