Gentle, Pain-Free Treatment

Dr. Kardaris and her team take any measure possible to ensure that you are comfortable and that treatments are unhurried and pain-free.

By using advanced technology, Dr. Kardaris can shorten your time in the chair and carry out procedures with less discomfort. Laser treatment, digital scanning and X-rays, ultrasonic scalers and rotary instruments all make for more comfortable and less painful treatments.

Dr. Kardaris is gentle and takes her time with anesthesia. She pre-numbs the area and uses a special technique so you don’t feel the injection. She then waits until the anesthesia is fully working before beginning the treatment. She communicates with you throughout the treatment to ensure you are remaining comfortable. If you raise your hand, she will stop and find out how you are doing.

Understanding and caring

Dr. Kardaris and her staff do their best to create a stress-free environment. Being friendly, caring and understanding goes a long way toward making your visit to the dentist comfortable.

A key part of helping you be less afraid is to really explain procedures well and to answer all your questions. Dr. Kardaris really listens to you and understands what you are telling her, and in this way can work with you the way you like.

Comfort amenities

We offer comfort amenities such as refreshments, televisions with DVDs, pillows for your legs and neck, and noise-cancelling headphones to help you relax. For our young patients, we have a fun play area and movies to provide distraction and entertainment.

Oral and IV sedation

For patients who are anxious and for longer procedures, Dr. Kardaris offers intravenous and conscious sedation as well as nitrous oxide. When IV sedation is requested or recommended, an anesthesiologist and MD are brought in.

During any sedation therapy, Dr. Kardaris monitors your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels.

What is conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation helps a patient relax completely in the dental office. If we recommend conscious sedation, you will be so relaxed you may not even notice the passing of time as you receive your treatment.

This state can be accomplished through oral or IV sedation. Oral sedation is a distinct advantage for those people who have a fear of needles or can’t stand to watch an IV insertion. Although you are actually awake with conscious sedation, it is common that you may not have a recollection of the procedure due to your state of extreme relaxation experienced.

Nitrous Oxide

For those who do not wish to receive conscious sedation, yet are apprehensive about receiving treatment, we offer nitrous oxide as an option.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is very effective when used expertly to reduce anxiety and pain. Advantages of nitrous oxide include minimal side effects, its dose can be monitored very closely and the effects wear off. In some cases, patients are even capable of driving themselves home or to work.

Additionally, you may find, as many of our patients have, that Dr. Kardaris and her team have made dentistry so comfortable that you may not even need anything beyond the “ordinary,” excellent service that we provide.