“Dr. Kardaris has fulfilled all of the items on my wish list for a dentist.”

“I was searching for a dentist that provided financing, and since I hate going to the dentist, I was also looking for someone who had compassion and was kind. From my very first visit, (I was suffering with a tooth abscess), I have been treated with kindness, empathy and respect. I was given a comprehensive treatment plan for my many dental issues and have never been reprimanded for my lack of dental follow-through in the past!”

“Dr. Kardaris has a soft and gentle touch, and I feel she really cares about the well-being of her patients. She is so empathic when doing procedures and always concerned about her patients’ comfort level.”

“The staff is very professional, but also very friendly, and provide an easy comfort for the patient. For the first time, I feel comfortable and safe when I‘m at the dentist. I recommend Dr. Kardaris to everyone.”


“When going through treatment, Dr. Kardaris was very understanding and did everything she could to keep me out of pain and comfortable during the procedure. Also her staff is very accommodating and capable of taking care of me.”

“Dr. Kardaris did an implant on me many years ago and I have not had any complications since.”

“The benefit from my treatment is that now I am confident and no longer ashamed of my smile. I have a perfect and complete smile. I used to cover my smile with my hand, but thanks to Dr. Kardaris I can smile without being embarrassed to show my teeth.”

“The doctor has taken care of other dental issues and I have not been nervous yet! I appreciate everything about the staff and I am so thankful to have found the right place.”


“I had a crown replaced by my former dentist which became abscessed after two days. My husband’s friend told him about Dr. Kadaris and her pain-management practice. I called and she saw me the next day.”

“After examination, she decided to do my root canal treatment under anesthesia due to my heart condition. On the X-rays she found another infected tooth, so she did both root canals.”

“Dr. Kardaris has been amazing to me. I’ve been used to dentists telling me: “That shouldn’t hurt,” when I say something hurts. As a person with sensitive teeth, that isn’t a good feeling. Dr. Kardaris listens to me and treats me accordingly with pain relief. I feel like we have become friends in the past couple of months, that is how wonderful she is to her patients. I highly recommend her, especially to those who have had painful dental treatments.”


“I first want to state that on a pain level of 1 – 10, my pain experience has been a 0.5 – 1. Pain was my biggest fear in receiving dental treatment.”

“The doctor and staff are always attentive and dedicated to making sure I am comfortable during any procedure. When numb, I feel pressure only, never any pain! And no pain afterwards either!”

“I have gone through extensive treatment and I cringe at the first photo of my teeth before the treatment began. My teeth are straight, with no decay, and I have never been able to say that prior to coming to Dr. Kardaris. This lady is heaven-sent!”


“I have had a lot of dental work done by Dr. Kardaris. She has helped me get caught up with my dental work and I now have healthy gums. I no longer wait for my teeth to hurt and/or crack, I fix the problem right away. They always fit me in their schedule, the staff are really sweet.”


“Dr. Kardaris has done an outstanding job with my dental needs over the last 20 years. She is very knowledgeable and a caring doctor. When I am in her care all my worries are put aside. She takes the time to explain the treatments and why they are needed. She also has all the latest technology to ensure all my dental needs are met.”

“I feel happy in knowing that my teeth and gums remain healthy by coming to Dr. Kardaris for my regular check-ups. I tell my friends what a great experience it is and how wonderful the staff is.”

“Thank you!”


“I was referred to Dr. Kardaris by my dentist in the Chicago area, and I am quite pleased. This is a very comfortable place for a dentist-frightened person.”

“They are kind, thoughtful and explain as they go. I have always wanted my teeth straighter, and I got to nearly 70, and now it’s done! I am thrilled with my new look.”


“Dr. Kadaris is very personable and puts you at ease. The staff are also very friendly, helpful and seem to always know who you are. They are great. Dr. Kardaris has always been able to work my husband and I in for unexpected problems.”

“As a result of my treatments I have whiter and healthy teeth. My husband has a new Tap® 3 appliance for snoring, that has allowed both he and I to get a great night’s sleep.”

Dee Ann

“I have been a patient of Dr. Kardaris for the past six years. Prior to my experience at New Age Dental, I was concerned about my visits to the dentist. After we chose Dr. Kardaris, I found visits fun and nothing to worry about. The practice is comfortable and more like a room in a house.”

“Dr. Kardaris is kind like a mother, in that she is nice and cares how I’m doing from the start of the visit to the end of my care. And now, I not only have my regular dental care done with Dr. Kardaris, she is my orthodontist too. I have straighter teeth and now I am one good looking dude!”


“I have some medical conditions that required me to be hospitalized for the extraction of multiple teeth, in case of complications during the procedure. Dr. Kardaris had the professional and necessary training to perform the procedure in the hospital setting with the assistance of an anesthesiologist to use, and anesthesia to put me to sleep during oral surgery, prior to the procedure.

“The procedure lasted a lot longer than expected and required Dr. Kardaris to be on her feet for over four hours to complete the surgery. This was a ‘life saver’ for me.

“In the past, I had a lot of fear and anxiety while in the dental office. Dr. Kardaris has treated all of my dental concerns for many years with her excellent staff, especially Ashley, the dental hygienist — she is small in stature, yet is gentle with such large care and concern for each patient, while providing valuable information regarding dental care.

“Dr. Kardaris has adjusted her schedule to accommodate her patients, even after hours if necessary. Thank you, New Age Dental Care for continuing to take care of my dental needs! You are the best!”


“I came to Dr. Kardaris after 10 years of neglecting my oral health. I had multiple cavities and needed treatment for an infected root canal. I feel like the level of care and concern for pain management is excellent. The office is close to my work and they’re able to work around my schedule.”


“Dr. Kardaris, as well as the New Age staff, made every single one of my check-ups as fun and painless as possible for me. Dr. Kardaris is fast and efficient, but she also treats her patients at a personal level. When I go in for check-ups it’s as if I’m meeting an old friend who also happens to be cleaning my teeth.”

“More recently I was scheduled for Invisalign, which are rather like braces. Now I have straight teeth and a bright smile. I couldn’t ask for better.”


“I like the professional treatment, from the doctor to the front office staff. They have the newest equipment available and up-to-date knowledge. I now have a great smile and healthy teeth. The Tap® 3 appliance for snoring is also really great.”


“Dr. Kardaris takes very good care of her patients. She explains everything she is doing to you. I have not had a bad experience at all. I now have a bigger and better smile.”


“Dr. Kardaris listens to me and treats me accordingly with pain relief. I feel like we have become friends through the past couple of months – that is how wonderful she is to her patients. I highly recommend her, especially to those who have had painful dental treatments in the past.”

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