How to Decide on Braces Versus Clear Aligner Invisalign

When considering how to correct your overbite or gap between your front teeth, clear aligners called Invisalign are a popular option. Here at New Age Dental Care, we work with patients who need to correct a dental issue. While Invisalign is part of cosmetic dentistry, the use of any type of correctors will also reduce infection and cavities in the future. See whether braces or clear aligners are better for your needs.

What are Clear Aligners and Invisalign

Clear aligners are a type of brace that is used to correct the positioning of teeth and gums in dentistry. Individuals who use Invisalign clear aligners are provided with gentle but effective repositioning. The alignment treatment takes six months to two years and is long-lasting. Patients can remove clear aligners when eating or brushing their teeth.

Invisalign Versus Braces

Clear aligners are similar to metal braces, but patients find enough differences to make a choice between the two dental appliances. Metal braces take two to four years to complete treatment. The brackets must be affixed to the teeth using cement, which is only removable by a dentist. In order to complete the treatment, metal wires are used to reposition the teeth.

The longer treatment time frame, along with the semi-permanent fixture of the metal brackets, is why some patients choose Invisalign instead. Both correction appliances work to realign the patient’s teeth and gums. However, the treatment process differs between Invisalign and braces. Usually, patients with advanced correction needs choose metal braces, while minor corrections are completed with clear aligners.

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