Sinus Trouble? Call the Dentist!

Do you have chronic sinus trouble?  So many people try to address sinus issues with over-the-counter drugs without getting to the root of the issue.  Nearly everyone knows that sinus issues can be caused by infection, allergies and structural deformities, but did you know that a sinus infection can also be caused by a tooth […]

Cold or Flu? Replace your Toothbrush!

It’s cold and flu season here in St. Louis.  As your dentist, I feel it’s important to tell you that if you have had a cold or the flu, you should replace your toothbrush and get a new one.  Microbes can stick around in those bristles and can create re-infections. Have a few extra brushes on hand […]

Cavity? Don’t Delay. – Advice from the Dentist

Do you think you may have a cavity?  Does your tooth hurt a bit? Is it sensitive? If so, it’s important to get it checked out right away. People too often think they can wait a while – that maybe the pain will go away on its own.  However, if a tooth starts to hurt and then […]

Dentistry Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Dentistry doesn’t have to hurt.  I know – for some people just the mention of the word, “filling” or the glint of a small mirror causes them to reach for their jaw and wince with imagined pain. However, at my practice, I have found ways to help reduce the pain and anxiety that some people […]

Why Being a Dentist Makes Me Smile

It’s a beautiful thing to be able to smile when I come to work as a Dentist. I know that every day I have an opportunity to help patients become more confident, healthy and attractive. It’s fun! Today, I got a chance to look at some of my patients’ recent success stories. They are so […]

New Dental Patient Contest – iPad Mini Winner Announced!

You may have seen that we ran a contest for all of our dental patients during the month of December: refer a family member or friend and get entered to win an iPad mini. For each person you referred, an additional entry was placed in your name. And the winner is…. Andrea and Josh! Josh […]

Toothbrush Challenge – From Your Dentist

As your Dentist, I’d like you to try something for me. Before you go to bed tonight, and before you grab your toothbrush, grab a watch of some sort. If it’s a stopwatch, great. If not, that’s okay. When you start brushing your teeth, look at the time you start (or push “start” on your […]

December iPad Mini Giveaway

Recently, Dr Kardaris was asked by her staff, “What do you want for Christmas?”, her reply? “More patients to help!” In the spirit of giving for the holidays we have created a contest to help Dr Kardaris get her wish Between now and December 31st every person that you refer to New Age Dental Care […]

A note from the Tooth Fairy

Dear Jimmy, I couldn’t help but notice that the tooth underneath your pillow this evening had a green and yellow hue. I’d like to remind you that under the provisions of our contract, “Teeth shall be maintained in such condition as shall be deemed ‘appropriately usable’ by purchaser.” The poor offering that your pillow hid […]

Celebrity smile secrets – Brad Pitt doesn’t want you to read this…

Have you ever noticed how most celebrities have incredible smiles? I mean, look at this Halle Berry Or this Brad Pitt So, what’s the deal? And why don’t “normal people” have teeth like that? Is there a celebrity teeth genome? Are we doomed to never look like that? The truth is that those smiles are […]