Veneers to Look Beautiful

Are you looking for a way to instantly improve your charisma and look beautiful?  Dental veneers by New Age Dental Care can help you accomplish this goal in a matter of a few hours. A dental veneer is a very thin coating over a tooth that instantly creates the appearance of healthy, white and even […]

Let’s Talk About Soda

I had a patient ask the other day about if there was any foods he should avoid if he wanted to maintain good oral health.  Like so many of my patients, he came in because he had heard of my gentle relaxation dentistry methods, and was pleased with how smoothly the visit went – but […]

Why Visit the Dentist Regularly?

Why Visit the Dentist Regularly? Patients come into my Chesterfield Valley office all the time who haven’t been to a dentist in a while – sometimes years.  I know that they come in because we offer relaxation and sedation dentistry, and that finally nudges them past the fear of the dentist to get them through […]

Self Confidence and your Smile

Self Confidence and your Smile We are often self-conscious about our efforts to improve our appearance.  When we go to work or visit friends, we always have a bit of attention on that new piece of the wardrobe.  “Will they notice?  WIll they think it looks good?” New hairstyles are even worse.  We’ve all had […]

March Foosball Table Giveaway!

What do foosball and dentistry have in common?  This question isn’t a setup for a bad dental school pun.  While this question has most likely never, ever been asked before in this universe, New Age Dental Care has provided the answer to it: I am excited to announce that this quarter’s referral giveaway prize drawing will […]

Dentist Jokes

Dentist Jokes Never let it be said dentists don’t have a sense of humor. Enjoy some dentist jokes below! Why did the princess go to the dentist? To have her teeth crowned. What is a dentist’s favorite game? Tooth or dare. When a dentist makes a phone call, what does she use? A blue tooth! […]


Do you need braces?  As an adult, would you rather not be seen as a “metal mouth?” I understand.  Braces can be uncomfortable and an inconvenience.  They can also distract from your appearance.  However, it is undeniable that the results obtained from braces are very important for a beautiful smile. As an adult, Invisalign offers […]

What is a “Good” Toothpaste?

How do you choose your toothpaste? Do you choose what is on sale? Do you choose based on advertising or the benefits described on the tube? So many claims – even within the same brand, there can be 4 or 5 versions of the same paste. Is there any difference between them? And is there […]

The Link Between Stress and Pain

The Link Between Stress and Pain Did you know that there is a relationship between being stressed and the amount of pain you experience? When you are stressed out, you tend to tense your muscles.  The longer these are held in place, the more sore you can get in the following days.  Further, stress and […]

Soda and Your Teeth

Is soda really all that bad for your teeth or is it a myth?  Soda and your teeth do not mix well, in fact. Watch this 2 minute video and decide for yourself. If you are a big soda drinker, come on in.  I’ll check things out and we can discuss remedies for your […]