“I have some medical conditions that required me to be hospitalized for the extraction of multiple teeth, in case of complications during the procedure. Dr. Kardaris had the professional and necessary training to perform the procedure in the hospital setting with the assistance of an anesthesiologist to use, and anesthesia to put me to sleep during oral surgery, prior to the procedure.

“The procedure lasted a lot longer than expected and required Dr. Kardaris to be on her feet for over four hours to complete the surgery. This was a ‘life saver’ for me.

“In the past, I had a lot of fear and anxiety while in the dental office. Dr. Kardaris has treated all of my dental concerns for many years with her excellent staff, especially Ashley, the dental hygienist — she is small in stature, yet is gentle with such large care and concern for each patient, while providing valuable information regarding dental care.

“Dr. Kardaris has adjusted her schedule to accommodate her patients, even after hours if necessary. Thank you, New Age Dental Care for continuing to take care of my dental needs! You are the best!”

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