Sinus Trouble? Call the Dentist!

Do you have chronic sinus trouble? So many people try to address sinus issues with over-the-counter drugs without getting to the root of the issue. Nearly everyone knows that sinus issues can be caused by infection, allergies and structural deformities, but did you know that a sinus infection can also be caused by a tooth infection according to the Mayo clinic?

The sinuses are very close to the teeth.

The sinuses and your teeth are so closely positioned in the human body that in some people, there is no bone at all between the sinus cavities and the roots of the teeth – just membrane. This allows for infections to be ready passed between the roots of the teeth and the sinuses.

When a tooth becomes infected, the infection can quickly spread to the sinuses. Once an infection reaches your sinuses, a host of other problems come into play – including headaches, stuffy nose and difficulty breathing, to name a few.

Because sinusitis can be so uncomfortable, sometimes this discomfort masks the toothache that would normally alert you to the fact that something was wrong with your oral health.

What to do if you have a sinus infection.

If you suffer from chronic sinus trouble, call my office in Chesterfield Valley at (636) 449-0215. I will examine your teeth and let you know if you could get relief by fixing an oral problem. If so, then I will give you the most direct route to relief – practiced with the “No Fear” dentistry that my patients love.

If you do have an oral infection, you do not want to delay fixing the problem. An oral infection can not only lead to a sinus infection, but it can affect other systems in your body as well, including the cardiovascular system.

Sinus infection? Toothache? I can help.

I do understand that for some people, the mere idea of meeting with a dentist causes anxiety and stress. However, an infection of any type requires immediate attention. I am fully equipped to provide every patient with the latest relaxation dentistry techniques and can help anyone weather the stresses of a dental visit.

Call today for your appointment.


Dr. Eugenia Kardaris.

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