Self Confidence and your Smile

We are often self-conscious about our efforts to improve our appearance. When we go to work or visit friends, we always have a bit of attention on that new piece of the wardrobe. “Will they notice? WIll they think it looks good?”

New hairstyles are even worse. We’ve all had those experiences when the hair that we thought of in our heads didn’t match the hair that wound up on our heads. And then – there’s the weeks and months it takes for the bizarre color to wash out or for the length to grow back.

This is a funny catch-22, because so much money and time is spent on these sorts of changes – changes meant to improve our self-confidence. And yet, without that feedback and approval, we’re never quite sure if the money and effort were worth it.

And – efforts at improving appearance and self-confidence through wardrobe and hair changes are always subject to the trend of the moment. Anyone who has kept their high school yearbook photos can attest to that.

Dental work is an exception. No one needs to guess at whether whiter, healthier teeth and gums will be attractive or not. The standards for good teeth are well-established and are based on the health of the mouth. And a beautiful smile never goes out of style. You won’t look at your photos in ten years and wish that you’d been more conservative with your smile.

You don’t have to wait around until someone notices, either. The great thing about dental work is that it is subtle enough that when people do notice (and they will!) they may not recognize what exactly has changed – “You look brighter!” “You look younger!” “Have you lost weight?” They may not notice what has changed – only that something has.

You don’t have to tell them that you and I worked to make your smile beautiful again. But I’d sure appreciate it if you did!


Dr. Kardaris, DDS

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