Let’s Talk About Soda

I had a patient ask the other day about if there was any foods he should avoid if he wanted to maintain good oral health. Like so many of my patients, he came in because he had heard of my gentle relaxation dentistry methods, and was pleased with how smoothly the visit went – but he said he didn’t want to come in any more than he had to!

One of the things we discussed was his soda consumption. He had no other vices, but he did drink an awful lot of soda.

Unfortunately, there are several factors that make soda bad for oral health:

1. Soda stains teeth.

This isn’t necessarily obvious, since when most people think about foods that stain teeth, they think of coffee, tea and wine. And while these do stain teeth, soda also has a staining effect over the long term.

But – stains aren’t the worst of it. While stains are unsightly, they don’t necessarily affect the health of the tooth. My patients receive free whitening treatments as a perk of seeing me on a regular basis anyway.

More importantly,

2. Soda contains sugar.

We know what sugar does when it stays in the mouth. The bacteria that create plaque eat it, convert it into acid, and this creates cavities.

“Yes,” you say, “but I drink diet soda – which has no sugar. That means I’m safe, right?”

Well, in a word, no. Because;

3. Soda contains acid.

Phosphoric acid is in nearly every soda produced – both the diet and the sugar variety. Subjecting your delicate enamel to acid day after day can contribute to decay, in the same way that subjecting anything to acid will wear it away over time.


Although I love it when you come in and see me, and I try to be a very convenient dentist for you, there’s no reason I need you to suffer more decay than you need to. One of the ways to prevent decay is to pay attention to the amount of soda and sugar that you ingest, and work to cut this back.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen me, I’d like to invite you to come in for a visit. My office is conveniently located in the Chesterfield Valley and I can get you in and out with minimal stress. Call today for an appointment. (636) 449-0215

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