Sleep Apnea Treatment

Get Rid of your C-PAP Machine!

Do you suffer from sleep apnea? Tired of your uncomfortable C-PAP machine?

You are not alone! Studies show 50% of C-PAP users can’t stand using the device.

While the C-PAP Machine is effective at keeping your air passages open so that you can breathe, it can be very uncomfortable. Sleeping with a mask on your face, next to a noisy machine can be quite a hassle and decrease your quality of life and interrupt your sleep.

Dr. Eugenia Kardaris

An Effective Solution for Sleep Apnea

The American Academy of Sleep Science Medicine now recommends a new alternative to handle sleep apnea. New technology has been developed in the field called “Oral Appliance Therapy”. This allows a person to be able to sleep without a machine or mask. It uses a device like a mouth-guard while sleeping to keep the pathways open. This allows the patient to get rid of the machine and mask and get a good night’s sleep!

This handling is very effective even in those with severe sleep apnea and studies show that these devices have up to a 95% success rate of handling the condition depending on the individual situation.

Worried About Out of Pocket Costs?

Dr. Kardaris at New Age Dental Care is certified in treating patients who suffer from sleep apnea. She has helped many people overcome sleep apnea problems. This Oral Appliance device is covered under most major medical insurance plans and could end up costing you $0 out of pocket.

We Are ready to help you!

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and can’t take using your C-PAP machine any longer, it is time to call New Age Dental Care! We will do an analysis of your condition to determine if you qualify for this treatment option and get you started right away!

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