Dental Bridges & Braces and Many Other Dental Services for Chesterfield, MO Patients

Dentistry is always evolving, which is why today’s dental implant service options or wisdom tooth extraction can be gentle, comfortable and relaxed. We know that for many patients, an unpleasant incident in “the chair” can put them off /delay root root canal treatment & therapy or cosmetic dentistry & dental care for years! We offer a kind, patient and compassionate service that’s geared to sooth the fears of nervous patients. Advanced pain relief and waking sedation are additional options that can make a big difference.

Sleep Apnea Treatment and Other Interventions

Although many people tend to associate dentists with children’s dentistry & dental services or smile makeovers, the reality is that dentists are capable of undertaking a number of therapies and procedures that can improve the symptoms of common, unpleasant medical complaints. TMJ & headache treatment can bring relief from years of difficult pain; our headache treatments in particular can significantly relieve pain and headache frequency, giving patients a whole new lease on life.

Orthodontics for Kids & Teens (and Adults)

The correct orthodontic treatment not only enhances personal appearance, it can also reduce the risk of serious dental problems later in life. We provide Invisalign for teens & adults as well as aesthetic dentures, porcelain crowns and professional teeth whitening. Our team can also provide chairside veneers, using minimally invasive techniques to give your teeth a whiter, more even appearance.

Local Dentist Offering an Emergency Dental Service in Chesterfield, MO

In addition to our scheduled appointments for full mouth restoration/reconstruction or laser gum disease treatment, we also offer out-of-hours care, so you don’t have to suffer in pain longer than absolutely necessary. Focusing on patient care and great results, we are proud of our reputation for value and professionalism. To find out more about our full, partial or immediate dentures, book an appointment or for anything else, call us at (636) 449-0215.