Advanced Dental Technology

Dr. Kardaris feels that it is important to use advanced technology and procedures to ensure that you get the best possible treatment. The high-tech tools described below help to make your visit to the dentist, more comfortable, efficient and effective.

  • 3D Cone Beam Scanner3D Cone Beam Scanner

    Our office uses a 3D cone beam CT scanner that has a built in panoramic feature to view the most important areas of your mouth. This machine combines safety and precision when planning implant placement surgery, bone grafting procedures and tooth extractions.

  • Advanced TechnologyDEKA® laser

    Dental lasers are precise and safe. Dr. Kardaris uses the dental laser for a variety of procedures, including gum disease treatment, minor surgeries and even for cold sores and ulcers. It can even be used for desensitization and can reduce the need for injections and metal instruments and drills. The laser makes treatments faster and speeds up healing in many cases. The DEKA laser uses very advanced laser technology for greater precision and efficiency as well as to minimalize damage to the tissue.

  • Advanced Technology - Panoramic X-raysPanoramic X-rays

    Panoramic X-rays allow the dentist to see a detailed, panoramic view of your teeth. Dr. Kardaris can use these high-quality images to evaluate your teeth, as well as to plan your case and for orthodontic treatment.

  • Advanced TechnologyDigital X-rays

    Digital X-rays emit up to 80% less radiation than film X-rays. They are processed and ready to view on a computer monitor in a couple of minutes. This allows Dr. Kardaris to show them to you and discuss the problematic areas with you.

  • Advanced Technology - IteroiTero®  digital scanner

    A digital scanner captures detailed 3D images of your teeth. It replaces the older method of making plaster impressions of teeth to be sent to the lab to make crowns and bridges. It is much more comfortable and makes the whole process much faster. Dr. Kardaris can make needed adjustments with a computer and send the images to the lab instantly. She also uses the scanner for making Invisalign® braces.

  • Advanced Technology - Ultrasonic ScalersUltrasonic scalers

    Our hygienists use Piezo Ultrasonic scalers to remove hard stains from the surface of your teeth. These ultrasonic scalers use high frequency sound waves to remove buildup without harming your teeth or causing discomfort. They also increase the speed of cleanings.

  • Advanced Technology - VelscopeVELscope®VX oral assessment system

    The VELscope is a hand-held scope that is used in oral screenings to help detect abnormalities in the mouth and oral cancer. It emits a harmless blue light that is very sensitive to any abnormal tissue. Dr. Kardaris uses the VELscope as part of her routine checkup. It can help to detect oral cancer at an early stage.

  • Advanced TechnologyElectric handpieces

    Dr. Kardaris uses electric handpieces rather than the traditional drill. This means a quieter and more relaxing experience for the patient. Electric handpieces increase the efficiency and speed of procedure shortening your time in the chair.

  • Advanced Technology - Arestin Antibiotic TherapyArestin® antibiotic therapy

    Arestin antibiotic therapy is often applied to your gum pockets after a deep cleaning to ensure that bacteria is completely eliminated. It is a time-released topical antibiotic treatment that targets disease-causing bacteria that reside in your gums. It can help to reduce the likelihood of developing gum disease in the future.

  • Advanced Technology - OpalescenceOpalescence teeth whitening

    The Opalescence teeth whitening system effectively whitens your smile. No bright light or laser is required for this whitening system. The results are stable.

  • Advanced Technology - Caesy Patient EducationCAESY educational video system

    Dr. Kardaris wants to ensure that you understand fully all aspects of your dental health and procedures. She not only answers all your questions and explains herself but uses the CAESY video system to help you. The system has more than 280 multimedia presentations featuring 3D animation, full-motion video, narration and colorful images to help you understand treatment procedures and dental problems.

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